Textual Madness

RavingLuhn began as an outlet where I wrote all about one of the first loves of my life: PC Games. It combined the consumption of media, video games, with the creation of new content, writing. My desire was to give them both more meaning and improve my skills as a wordsmith. Adult life has prevailed over my ability to devote time to playing games while simultaneously impressing upon me the importance of writing and telling stories.

This blog is now a fusion of both of those things I’m passionate about, though content may skew one way over the other depending on the season. Use the sidebar to look for posts of a given category, or check out my most recent activity below. Thanks for stopping by!

The Cave

The Jedi let out a laugh as he realized there was a very good chance he would be eaten alive by a swarm of cave vermin on this odyssey of self. The Master hadn’t seen that one coming, our Jedi was certain of that.